The Study Guide

The Certification Test is divided into five parts and covers five books. Each test contains 100 multiple choice questions and covers one book. The Study Guide is a question database which contains 300-400 questions for each book. 100 questions are pulled at random from the database for each certification test.

The study guide contains all of the database questions for each book and gives feedback for each question explaining which answer is correct and the logic behind the answer. The feedback section also explains why the incorrect answers are wrong.

The study guide is online and can be accessed with the username and password that will be emailed to you upon purchase. The study guide also contains a practice test for each book that you can take as many times as you would like. Each practice test will be 100 questions pulled randomly from the question database. Once you can consistently score 70% or more on these practice tests, you should have no trouble with the Certification Test.

Make sure you have your username and password ready and click on the link below to use the study guide.

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