FCPA CPE Requirements


The Forensic CPA Society requires 20 hours of fraud or forensic accounting related CPE per year for all members. Your CPE due date coincides with your renewal date. For example, if your membership renewal date is August 1st of each year, your 20 hours of CPE should also be completed by that date.

This requirement includes the first year you are a member. Any CPE course that relates to fraud or forensic accounting is acceptable. You may take your courses from any approved NASBA CPE provider. For a large selection of fraud and forensic accounting courses, visit our CPE website, Pony Express CPE. Pony Express CPE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Forensic CPA Society.

If you have successfully passed all 5 parts of our certification exam, you are exempt from fulfilling your 20 hours of CPE for the first year after certification.

Please use our CPE Reporting form to submit your CPE hours.

Find CPE Courses at our sister site, Pony Express CPE.