Forensic Accounting in the News

Forensic Accounting is in the news more than ever recently. Below are links to recent news stories.

The value of forensic accountants in litigation

No, Social Security Is Not Going Bankrupt

Compliance Leader and Ex-Marine Patrick McGowan Digs Into the Predictive Power of Data Analytics

How a Horse Inspired Technology That Can Save Auto Insurers and Consumers $4 Billion

ChatGPT: Friend or Foe in the Legal Realm?

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How to protect yourself against real estate and construction fraud

Strategies used by private investigators for busting fraud

D.A. Bragg Announces Indictments in Wide-Ranging Construction Fraud Scheme

Cybersecurity Threats Affecting Businesses in April 2023

How a Federal Fraud Investigation Inspired this CPA to Become a Founder

Fraud Hotline: A Whistleblower’s Ultimate Tool

Accountant Arrested Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $1.4 Million

Former Manager Admits Embezzling $1.4M from Contra Costa Employer

Former funeral director pleads guilty to ‘crime of sloppiness’ regarding $863,000

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Financial Fraud

What is forensic accounting and how can it help your business?

Understanding the Different Types of ESG-Related Litigation and Damages

New York City High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Explains Marital Property in a High Asset Divorce

People shouldn’t panic after the recent bank collapses, experts say. Here’s the smart thing to do

Anthony Cavaluzzi Explains How a Forensic Audit Differs from Normal Audits

Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Business

Unpacking the hidden costs of divorce – and how to prepare for them

Ex-school bookkeeper pleads guilty to embezzling $130K from Barnstead, Hampton schools

Marital Lifestyle and Its Impact on Alimony Awards: A New Jersey Case Study

Theft, fraud investigation into Carthage Parks & Rec

Forensics an integral part of internal audit

From embezzlement to fake claims, this financial forensics expert spent the last 20 years nabbing corporate fraud

Forensics and the ‘real-life side’ of accounting

Watch for accidental fraud, forensic accounting expert says

Forensic Accounting Experts and Lawyers Form Powerhouse Teams to Detect Bankruptcy Fraud

Crypto After the Crash: Strategies for Resolving Valuation and Tax Issues in Matrimonial and Other Litigation

Four Cybersecurity Threats Affecting Businesses in January 2023

Former union leaders transferred funds to enrich themselves, OPSEU suit claims

Prosecutors: Marilyn Mosby’s net worth tripled when she claimed COVID-19 hardship

What it takes to be a forensic accountant

TOP STORY 2022: October: Calgary man charged in $21. million mortgage fraud

What Is a Forensic Accountant? Role and Responsibilities

We need a public inquiry into profiteering on PPE

GP Municipality dealing with misappropriation of more than $500,000

Prosecution rests in Trump Organization’s tax fraud case

The new CEO of the cryptocurrency FTX bankruptcy case revealed a shocking inside story

Four Steps to Better Identify and Mitigate Fraud

Understanding Zelle Fraud and How to Prevent It

What Experts May I Need in My Divorce Matter?

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers Compares FTX Collapse to Enron Fraud

Forensic accounting in the new age of corporate espionage

A Wall Street forensic accountant quit her job to become a ‘professional girlfriend’ to wealthy executives

Revolution Beauty CEO steps down with immediate effect amid accounting probe

Exodus of international banks from Pacific island nations threatens regional economic stability

Valuing Assets in Divorce Proceedings: An In-Depth Review of the Various Factors Used to Determine a Valuation Date

The Attorney-Expert Relationship in Matrimonial Matters

Get the divorce lawyer you deserve

Two Ohio Men Charged with Fraud Over Fake Medical Cannabis Business Scheme

An ethical workplace culture can prevent corporate fraud by aiding whistleblowers

$2.6M grant expands certificate program addressing elder fraud, providing students real-life experience

2 indicted for multiple charges of fraud, theft, and unlawful securities practices in Warren County

Calgary man charged in $2.1M mortgage fraud scheme

Forensic accounting experts and insolvency lawyers will play a key role in detecting bankruptcy fraud

Finding the Comfort in Discomfort as a Forensic Accountant

Detecting Inflation-Driven Fraud in Insurance Claims

DOJ suspects Trump still has classified documents he removed from White House, even after FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

Rein in Medicaid, Medicare spending

Pomerantz Law Firm Investigates Claims on Behalf of Investors of Azure Power Global Limited – AZRE

Fraud cases are the tip of the iceberg

The Role of Forensic Accountants in Employee Loss Claims

More than $40K missing at WBR Sheriff’s office; employees implicated in growing investigation

Hundred who stole $350 million from their Australian employers

Red flags to show your relationship has money troubles

I’ve seen first-hand how an understaffed IRS has trouble catching major tax cheats

Identifying fraud in business interruption claims

Attorney General James and District Attorney Bragg Announce Indictment of Steve Bannon for Fundraising Fraud

We need to anticipate and address potential fraud in the metaverse

Murder, money laundering and Donald Trump: Nine years later, allegations linger at Tri-County Mall

How to Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe from Cyberattacks

Utica Engineering Firm Employee Bilked Company Out of $50,000

Johnny Depp’s Legal Team Rests Case in $50 Million Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard

An In-Depth Look at the IRS Criminal Investigation Voluntary Disclosure Practice

Half a Billion Taxpayer Dollars on the Trinity and Not a Single Sailboat Lake

What is Forensic Analysis and Why is it Important for the Financial Security

Deferred Compensation: A New York Divorce Case Study

The Evolution of the Role of the Forensic Accountant in International Investigations

Nio launches independent investigation into short seller allegations

Billion Dollar Medicaid Fraud exposed at Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference in Baton Rouge

The Rise of Forensic Accounting for Small Businesses with Grigsby Forensics and Valuation

Pender: ‘It doesn’t look good:’ At 3-year mark, more questions than answers in Mississippi welfare fraud scandal

Insurance Claims & Fraud Investigations: Where Forensic Accountants Bring Value

Fraud and the Pandemic – Internal Audit Stepping Up to the Challenge

How to Manage Fraud and Integrity Risks on a Global Scale

Conducting Forensic Accounting and Internal Investigations

Attorney General James and State Police Superintendent Bruen Announce Sentencing in Billion-Dollar Money Laundering Scheme

Former Bradford County coroner arrested for stealing more than $400,000 from ambulance company

Ace Gallery Founder Arrested on Embezzlement Charges

Florida Man Confesses To $1.2 Million Money-Laundering Scheme That Extends Into East Texas

She allegedly got access to patrons’ credit cards while working at a Macon restaurant

Half a Billion Taxpayer Dollars on the Trinity and Not a Single Sailboat Lake

SEC charges former health care execs with accounting fraud

Biometrics: Better than your mother’s maiden name. Good luck changing your body if your info is stolen

Cerner Impersonator Convicted of $19M Health IT Fraud Scheme

Financial Abuse of Elderly Mushrooming, What to Do Now to Protect Yourself

Centra Tech Co-founders Indicted in $60 Million ICO Fraud

The ai Corporation and QPS launch QPS payments gateway

Nick’s Roast Beef, A Greek Tragedy On Boston’s North Shore

When The Wealthy Divorce, They Regularly Engage Forensic Accountants

Oklahoma Pastor Embezzled Nearly $1 Million from Community Center

A Deep Look At How You Can Prevent Investing In Frauds

Crazy Eddie CFO shares how companies trick auditors and fleece investors

Brody’s the Name, Fraud’s the Game

Stealing From Within Occupational Fraud Is Growing 

How To Profit From Accounting Shenanigans – Legally

What to Do When You Suspect Financial Fraud: From Step One to Forensic Audit

Detecting And Preventing Fraud In Your Business

Forensic auditors beef up teams

AICPA Offers Mentoring Program for Forensic Accounting

Careers in Forensic Accounting It Takes a Sleuth

State Investigation Leads to Charge

The Forensic Accountant’s Role in Litigation

The connection between Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting

Corruption expert says Leighton case shows many Australian companies do not take fraud seriously

The Rise of Forensic Accounting

The Forensic Accountant’s Role in Litigation