Forensic Accounting in the News

Forensic Accounting is in the news more than ever recently. Below are links to recent news stories:

Attorney General James and State Police Superintendent Bruen Announce Sentencing in Billion-Dollar Money Laundering Scheme

Former Bradford County coroner arrested for stealing more than $400,000 from ambulance company

Comprehensive Report on Forensic Accounting Services Market Set to Witness Huge Growth by 2026

Ace Gallery Founder Arrested on Embezzlement Charges

Florida Man Confesses To $1.2 Million Money-Laundering Scheme That Extends Into East Texas

She allegedly got access to patrons’ credit cards while working at a Macon restaurant

Half a Billion Taxpayer Dollars on the Trinity and Not a Single Sailboat Lake

EC charges former health care execs with accounting fraud

Biometrics: Better than your mother’s maiden name. Good luck changing your body if your info is stolen

Cerner Impersonator Convicted of $19M Health IT Fraud Scheme

Financial Abuse of Elderly Mushrooming, What to Do Now to Protect Yourself

Centra Tech Co-founders Indicted in $60 Million ICO Fraud

The ai Corporation and QPS launch QPS payments gateway

Nick’s Roast Beef, A Greek Tragedy On Boston’s North Shore

The Traits and Characteristics of Elite Forensic Accountants

When The Wealthy Divorce, They Regularly Engage Forensic Accountants

Fraud detection wises up to new forms of technology

Oklahoma Pastor Embezzled Nearly $1 Million from Community Center

Bookkeeper’s theft of nearly $54 million finds its way into college accounting coursework

A Deep Look At How You Can Prevent Investing In Frauds

Crazy Eddie CFO shares how companies trick auditors and fleece investors

Brody’s the Name, Fraud’s the Game

Stealing From Within Occupational Fraud Is Growing 

Fund managers turn gumshoe as forensic short-selling pays off

Audit firm wants MKO Grand Chief Harper to step aside, poses ‘threat’ to forensic probe

Big Data” Listed as Top Issue Facing Forensic and Valuation Professionals

How To Profit From  Accounting Shenanigans – Legally

What to Do When You Suspect Financial Fraud: From Step One to Forensic Audit

Detecting And Preventing Fraud In Your Business

Forensic Accounting Tips for Converting GAAP Data

Forensic auditors beef up teams

Does Your Business Need a Forensic Accountant?

AICPA Offers Mentoring Program for Forensic Accounting

Careers in Forensic Accounting It Takes a Sleuth

Forensic Auditors to the fore on increasing white-collar crimes

State Investigation Leads to Charge

Demand for ‘CPA Sleuths’ on the Rise 

(APESB) has issued a revised standard covering forensic accounting standards

The Forensic Accountant’s Role in Litigation

Increased Regulation Drives Demand For Forensic Accounting Services

The connection between Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting

Madoff ex-employees’ jury told of ‘smoke and mirrors’ trading

Corruption expert says Leighton case shows many Australian companies do not take fraud seriously

Forensic Accounting Curbs  Internal Theft at Capital Vending

Spotting the Red Flags of Fraud

Elementary, my dear investor

Forensic Accounting – Trinidad

The Rise of Forensic Accounting

Companies trying to handle fraud in-house likely to be sorry

The Forensic Accountant’s Role in Litigation

Forensic Accountants are Increasingly Becoming Part of the Legal Team

Forensic Conference on Cards

East Africa Meets to Deliberate Growing Cyber Crime

The Future of Forensic Accounting is now

Worker theft: It’s usually the one you least suspect

Preventing Check, Wire-transfer, and ACH-debit Fraud

B2BCFO offer you economic Forensic Accounting

Bennett is certified as forensic public accountant

Understanding and Utilizing Forensic Accounting Issues

Accounting sleuths swarm to track Madoff billions

Juan Ivan Rogers Harper – FCPA Member in the news

My Turn: Forensic accountant Darryl Neier

Not adding up

Experts say NRCC-related audits could take many months to complete

Investor details loss of millions

Accountant Stole School Funds to Buy Guns, Feds Charge

Accountants in the Crosshairs

Forensic audit reveals misuse of funds, $3 million unaccounted for

Yacht club accountant accused of taking $400000

If Companies Help Other Companies Cheat, Let’s Sue: Ann Woolner

Forensic – shortage of skills?

Report: Parishes withheld millions

The Vital Role Of The Forensic Accountant In Investigations

Court case just the start of problems for Black: expert

Forensic Accounting: Exponential Growth

Bilking of Red Cross alleged

Cox’s first initiative: a look at the books

Daylight Forensic & Advisory Announces Continued Expansion with …

Cost of Interserve accounting inquiry grows

LeNature’s court battle entangles Wachovia


Broadcom kills some options