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Donna Larsen – President of the Forensic CPA Society

On behalf of The Forensic CPA Society (FCPAS), I feel it an honor to announce that The Forensic CPA Society and Beijing Zhongsheng Cailing Education Company have collaboratively set up the FCPAS China Office to implement the FCPA Certification in China.  Zhongsheng Cailing is the only FCPAS representative in China.

The FCPA Society was founded July 15, 2005 with the purpose of promoting excellence in the forensic accounting profession. Our extensive training and certification courses involve multiple fields within the accounting profession. FCPAS serves as a professional institution to provide forensic accounting training and certification for in-service accountants, auditors, attorneys, investigators, and students majoring in forensic accounting.

The FCPA certification is an international credential and has members representing 37 countries. Upon certification, the FCPA™ (Forensic Certified Public Accountant) designation informs the public and the business community that the holder is not only a CPA, but a certified forensic accountant who has met extensive testing and experience guidelines.

A forensic accountant must acquire knowledge, skills, and experience in various fields. In addition to assuming accounting and auditing work in enterprises or NPOs, forensic accountants are required to possess accounting, auditing, and investigative skills so that they can supervise and control the relevant financial environment, legal environment, and financial processes, prevent and control potential financial and legal risks, and appear in court as an expert witness in lawsuits.

In the process of economic globalization, China has become an indispensable part in the global economy. Against this background, it is the right time to introduce the FCPA certification into China. We believe that the FCPA certification has a bright and lasting development prospect in China. By training more forensic accountants, the FCPA certification will help China play a more important role in the global economy.

We welcome more Chinese professionals to join us as forensic accountants and work together to make the global economy more efficient, accurate and secure.

Donna Larsen,   President/CEO

Beijing Zhongsheng Cailing Education

The generation of forensic accounting is the inevitable result of economic and social development. Global economic integration is the inevitable trend of future development, which requires international forensic accounting. As an important and indispensable part of the global economy, China has an important responsibility to promote the sound development of global economy.

To prevent the occurrence of transnational economic crimes, reduce the probability of transnational financial fraud and economic crimes, FCPAS and Beijing Zhongsheng Cailing Education have jointly established the FCPAS China representative office in Beijing to carry out the FCPA certification program in China, and to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in international accounting between China and the United States.

The FCPAS China representative office will continuously deepen the industry-university-research cooperation with Chinese and foreign-listed companies, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, large private enterprises, foreign-related enterprises, large accounting firms, public organizations, enterprises and public institutions, universities, and carry out the training of international forensic accounting talents to promote the international training and communication of Chinese forensic accounting talents.

Please contact the China Representative Office about the FCPAS qualification program in China.

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